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Pasta for Thanksgiving

Add a delicious pasta dish to your Thanksgiving menu this year. 
These pasta recipes were especially selected to showcase some of the special ingredients that we typically associate with the season of autumn.  Any one of these classic Italian pasta recipes would make a great appetizer, side dish to your turkey, or main course for your vegetarian guests.
Mushroom Ravioli with Mushroom Cream Sauce makes a delicious appetizer course  (primi piatti) or main course. You can use simple button mushrooms or any combination of more exotic mushrooms that you prefer. 
Butternut Squash and Mascarpone Gnocchi have a crisp golden exterior and a creamy and delicious interior of naturally sweet butternut squash and mascarpone cheese.
In Emilia-Romagna, a pumpkin puree flavored with cheese and amaretti cookies is a common filling for
The key component of the sauce is the mushroom broth.  The broth adds a concentrated mushroom flavor to the creamy pasta sauce.
The combination of sweet squash and earthy mushrooms make this a great main dish to add to  your Thanksgiving menu.
A rich and creamy Alfredo sauce with a subtle flavor of pumpkin make this a delightful dish.
Choose your favorite seasonal ingredient as a filling and then add a special sauce to create your own unique ravioli.
Sweet potatoes replace the white potatoes that are the traditionally used in potato gnocchi.  The addition of ricotta cheese also helps to make them light and tender.
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Roasting Chestnuts
Roasted Chestnuts
Roasting chestnuts is a wonderful holiday tradition.  Learning how to cook chestnuts
is easy if you follow a few simple tips.

How to Roast Chestnuts  >>
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The difference between an pasta extruder and a pasta rolling machine is that it extrudes the pasta through the shaping discs, instead of rolling and cutting the shapes. This full-cycle pasta machine makes 3 pounds of pasta in about 20 minutes.  It comes with eight different shaping discs that you can use to make the following shapes: spaghetti, lasagne, angel hair, linguine, fettuccine, bucatini and maccheroni.
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Butternut Sqash and Mascarpone Gnocchi
Butternut Squash and Mascarpone Gnocchi
Pumpkin Tortelloni
Pumpkin Tortelloni
Mushroom Ravioli with Mushroom Cream Sauce
Mushroom Ravioli with Mushroom Cream Sauce
Pasta with MushroomSauce
Pasta with Mushroom Sauce
Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Brown Butter and Sage
Butternut Squash and Mushroom Lasagna
Butternut Squash and Mushroom Lasagna
Pumpkin Fettuccine Alfredo
Pumpkin Fettuccine Alfredo
Flavors of Autumn Ravioli
Penne with Brussels Sprouts and Pancetta
Penne with Brussels Sprouts and Pancetta
In this quick and easy recipe the pancetta pairs beautifully with the Brussels sprouts which are lightly caramelized to mellow the flavor of the Brussels sprouts and creates a delicious sweet and salty combination.
Butternut Squash and Broccoli
Mac and Cheese
Adding some butternut squash puree to your mac and cheese is a great way to add another serving of vegetables to your meal.
Butternut Squash and Sausage Rollatini
A rich and creamy sauce of butternut squash puree and Italian sausage blankets lasagna noodles filled with a three-cheese filling with kale and fresh sage for a delightful autumn baked pasta dish.
Gluten-Free Sweet Potato Gnocchi
Gluten-Free Sweet Potato Gnocchi
This recipe combines the wonderful flavor of sweet potatoes with brown rice flour, which is gluten-free, for a delicious gnocchi that everyone can enjoy.