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Find recipes for traditional Italian classics such as lasagna, minestrone, polenta, and gelato;
authentic Italian holiday desserts, regional specialties, plus many more of your favorites.
Antipasto, Appetizers, and Snacks
Prosciutto Bread
Bread Recipes
Breakfast and Brunch
Christmas, Traditional Italian
Now over 300 Italian dessert recipes available
Italian Liqueurs and Cocktails, Homemade Limoncello, Italian Hot Chocolate, Summer Drinks, and more
Easter Recipes
Galani - Venetian Carnival Pastries
Holiday Recipes
Grilled Italian Sausage with Broccoli Rabe and Cannellini Beans
Meat Recipes
Pasta with Shrimp and Fresh Vegetables
Poultry Recipes
Taste of Spring Risotto
Salad Greens
Salads and Salad Dressings
Sauces for Pasta
Seafood Recipes
Soup Recipes
Vegetable Entrées
Green Beans and Fennel
Vegetable Side Dishes
Italian Christmas Eve, Christmas Morning Breakfast, Christmas Day Dinner Menu, Christmas Cookies
Italian Cheese Guide, Creating a Cheese Tray,
How to Make Homemade Ricotta Cheese, and more
Eggs, Frittatas, Pancakes, Quiche, Crespelle
Antipasto Platter, Appetizers, Hot and Cold Hors d'Oeuvres, Arancini, Bruschetta, Stuffed Eggs, Garlic Knots, Stuffed Zucchini Blossoms and more
Ciabatta, Focaccia, Grissini, Prosciutto Bread, Taralli Bread Rings, Piadina, and more
A collection of traditional Italian Easter recipes; breads, main courses, and desserts from various regions of Italy.
Italian recipes to celebrate special holidays and events throughout the year.
Beef, lamb, pork, and veal recipes; including sausage, meatballs, meatloaf, burgers, and grilled meats
How to make fresh pasta, pasta dough, artisan pasta, lasagna, ravioli, gnocchi, regional pasta, and more
How to make pizza, pizza dough and topping recipes, fried pizza, calzone, and stromboli
How to cook polenta, make polenta crostini, and polenta recipes
A collection of classic Italian chicken recipes, boneless breast recipes, chicken braciole, and more
A collection of risotto recipes
Types of lettuce, green salads, pasta salads, rice and grain salads, potato salads, dinner salads, and more
Simple sauces, specialty sauces, uncooked pasta sauce, pesto, and Neapolitan meat sauce
Easy fish recipes, shellfish, stuffed calamari, stuffed sardines, and recipes with bottarga
Soups with beans, cream soups, qiick and easy soups, soups with meat, and vegetable soup recipes
A traditional Thanksgiving dinner with Italian flavors;
how to brine and roast the perfect turkey, gravy and stuffing recipes and more
Delicious dishes with a vegetable as the main ingredient; eggplant Parmesan, stuffed peppers, stuffed cabbage, and more
Great side dishes for everyday or special occasion dinners
Borlotti Beans - Dry
Some useful food words or terms that you may find in
Italian recipes, while dining at an Italian restaurant, or traveling in Italy.
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Homemade Limoncello
Ricotta Cheese
Types of Grain
Roasted Chestnuts
Candied Orange Peel
Italian Liqueurs
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