Parrozzo - Chocolate Covered Almond Cake from Abruzzo
From Abruzzo, this classic dome-shaped almond cake is flavored with citrus zest and topped with a rich chocolate glaze.
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Italian Desserts

Now Over 300 Recipes for Italian Desserts
Italian Desserts
Bocce Ball
1-1/2 ounces vodka
1/2 ounce Amaretto
Orange juice
Splash of club soda
Orange slice for garnish

Pour the vodka, Amaretto, and orange juice into a tall glass filled with ice.  Add a splash of club soda.  Garnish with an orange slice.
Amaretto Freeze
2 scoops vanilla ice cream
3/4 ounce Amaretto
1 maraschino cherry

In a blender, combine the ice cream and Amaretto,  Blend until smooth.  Serve in a cocktail glass topped with a maraschino cherry.
Enjoy Amaretti di Saronno with coffee, fine wine and after dinner liqueurs.  Amaretti are also as an ingredient in many Italian desserts.
Rectangular pan with grid and inserts allow you to create any letter of the alphabet or number from 0-9, complete instructions included.
This is our collection of Italian dessert recipes for everyday, holidays, seasons of the year, and special occasions.  It contains traditional and non-traditional (cucina nuova) Italian desserts for simple family gatherings or for entertaining.
Tiramisu Cupcakes
Tiramisu cupcakes are delicious, small versions of the more elaborate traditional Italian dessert.
Struffoli is a traditional Neapolitan Christmas dessert. The fried balls are dipped in honey and dusted with multi-colored candy sprinkles.
Toasted Almond Gelato
Gelato is an Italian ice cream dessert made from milk and sugar, combined with flavorings.
Raspberry Cheesecake Tarts are great any time of the year.  They are the perfect size for a holiday buffet or an outdoor picnic.
Cat's Tongue Cookies
Lingue di gato have a wonderful buttery flavor and can be served plain or frosted with a glaze of bittersweet chocolate.
Zucchini Bundt Cake with Crunchy Orange Glaze
Shredded zucchini, spices, orange zest, and walnuts make this is a very moist and flavorful cake.  A mixture or orange juice and sugars brushed over the still warm cake dries to form a slightly crunchy glaze. 
Italian Apple Pie with Mascarpone Cream
This tart has a buttery pastry crust filled with slices of apples flavored with lemon and cinnamon.
Share the sweet spirit of the season with Christmas cookies that "really say Christmas."
Snowflake Cookies
 Italian Christmas Doughnuts
Grispelle are fried potato doughnuts which come from Calabria where they are a special Christmas treat.
This chocolate cake recipe is a true chocolate lover's dream.  It is a very flavorful moist dark
chocolate cake to make for any type of celebration.
Italian Apple Cake
A delicious old-fashioned style cake filled with apples flavored with cinnamon, lemon, and vanilla.
Pumpkin Pudding Cake from the Veneto region of Italy
This is a dense, moist dessert with the consistency of pumpkin pie and the added flavors and texture of candied orange, ginger, and pine nuts.
Italian Easter Egg Cookies
Baking colored eggs into bread is a common Italian Easter tradition. In this recipe, the dough is sweeter and has more of a crumbly cookie texture than bread.
Galani - Venetian Carnival Pastries
The galani of Verona and Venice are fried pastries that are particularly associated with carnival time.
Slice of Bolognese Rice Cake
This cake is prepared with rice cooked in milk which is then mixed with sugar, nuts, and raisins, baked, and flavored with rum.
Moist and delicious, this gluten-free cake made with almond flour is a chocolate lover's dream with the added flavor of Italian amaretti cookies.
This is a delicious variation of the traditional cannoli recipe. The filling has added applesauce and the cannoli are served drizzled with caramel sauce.
Make a beautiful lamb cake for Easter with these cake and vanilla buttercream icing recipes and step-by-step directions and photos for decorating the lamb cake.
Easter Lamb Cake
Sicilian Ricotta Cake with Chocolate Chips
In this recipe the crust differs from most ricotta cakes in that it is made with a sweet pastry dough called pasta frolla instead of the standard crumb base.  The ricotta filling is studded with mini chocolate chips
Mango Sorbet
Sorbets, or Italian ices, are frozen desserts usually made with fresh fruit, water, and just enough sugar to enhance their natural sweetness and keep them smooth.
Virgin's Breasts - An Italian Pastry
Minni di virgini are round pastries in the shape of a small breast, with an outer layer of shortbread dough) and a cream filling flavored with chocolate and candied orange peel.
Bocconotti, a word that literally means "small bites', these delicate lemon flavored pastry shells are filled with a chocolate-almond filling.
All Soul's Day Cookies
Sweet treats like these are meant to bring some cheer to compensate for the sadness
of the November 1 and 2 holidays.
Marzipan Cheesecake
Marzipan cheesecake is a rich and creamy cheesecake that combines the flavor or almond paste with almond extract for an intense almond flavor.
Cherry Cream Cheese Cookies
Cherry Cream Cheese Cookies taste like mini cherry pies.  The butter and cream cheese in the dough create a flaky pastry; while the cherries, coconut, and jam blend
into a juicy fruit filling.
Lemon Pistachio Cake
Lemon-Pistachio Cake is a special occasion cake that consists of 3 layers of white, lemon-flavored cake, separated with a tart lemon curd, frosted with white chocolate whipped cream, and topped with a crunchy pistachio brittle.
Napolean Pastry
A Napolean is a dessert that consists of three layers of puff pastry alternating with two layers of pastry cream.  The filling may also be whipped cream and sometimes fresh fruit or jam is included. The top of a Napolean is usually glazed with a white icing with chocolate stripes that are combed to create its distinctive appearance.
Fig Crunch Galette
Fig galette is a rustic-style pie with a flaky pastry crust, filled with fresh figs, and a crunchy topping made with oatmeal and brown sugar.
Strawberry Cream Tarts
Strawberry Cream Tarts combine pasta frolla with almonds for a sweet, shortbread crust and a rich Amaretto-flavored pastry cream topped with slices of fresh strawberries.  You can easily substitute raspberries, blueberries or other fruit for the strawberries.
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