Italian Desserts

Now Over 300 Recipes for Italian Desserts
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This is our collection of Italian dessert recipes for everyday, holidays, seasons of the year, and special occasions.  It contains traditional and non-traditional (cucina nuova) Italian desserts for simple family gatherings or for entertaining.
Your place for traditional Italian recipes
Italian Desserts
Italian Desserts
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Sicilian Cassata
Sicilian cassata is a traditional dessert made with  ricotta cheese, candied citrus peel, and homemade sponge cake (pan di spagna).
Zeppole are a fried Italian pastry that are served warm and dusted with confectioners' sugar or cinnamon-sugar.
Venetian Layered Cookies
These festively colored cookies are made with 3 layers of cake with  a rich almond flavor, separated by sweet apricot jam, and topped with chocolate icing.
Cannoli Dip
This recipe takes the delicious flavor and creamy texture of cannoli filling and turns it into a wonderful party snack.
Italian Rum Cake
Italian rum cake is a traditional Italian dessert often purchased at an Italian bakery and served on birthdays or other special occasions.
In Italian, cream puffs are called "Bocconcini con Crema" or little mouthfuls of pastry with cream.
Bow Ties - Farfellette Dolci
The names and shapes of these fried delicacies differ from region to region.
Fruit Tart
A crisp, buttery tart shell filled with lemon-flavored custard and topped with slices of fresh seasonal fruit.
Limoncello Babas
The babas are made with a sweetened yeast dough and are soaked with Limoncello syrup after baking.
Wheatberry Easter Cake - La Pastiera Napoletana
A sweet and creamy custard pie with wheat berrie and candied citrus inside a lattice-topped pastry crust.
Chocolate Pie with Cappuccino Cream
A silky chocolate pudding filling topped with espresso flavored whipped cream.
Apple Crostata is a very rustic-style apple pie with some added crunch. This recipe is easily adapted to create other types of fruit crostatas; try sliced pears, peaches, or berries.
Pizzelle are known as ferratelle in the Lazio region of Italy. In Molise they may be called ferratelle, cancelle, or pizzelle. The cookie dough or batter is put into a pizzelle iron. The iron stamps a snowflake pattern onto both sides of the thin golden-brown cookie, which has a crisp texture once it is cooled.
Surprise family & friends with cream-filled cannolis. Wrap dough around metal tubes and fry in hot oil till golden brown. Fill with traditional ricotta or pastry cream filling ...

Cannoli Recipe  >>
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Shortbread cookies from Liguiria
Canestrelli are a classic shortbread cookie that has a characteristic flower shape with a hole in the center and are buttery, light and crumbly.
This decadent toasted almond cream cake is full of layered almond flavors and creamy mascarpone, topped with crushed cookies and almonds.
Ciambellone (some call it ciambella) is a ring-shaped dessert that is a cross between a bread and a cake and is often served for Easter.
These butter cookies taste just like you bought them at an authentic Italian bakery.  From this one recipe you can get a number of variations.
This tri-colored cake is inspired by the classic Italian rainbow cookies, also known as Venetian Layered Cookies, looks and tastes like the cookies but this time it's a giant cake.
Cannoli gelato combines all of the flavors you love in a traditional cannoli ... sweetened ricotta, vanilla, cinnamon, chocolate, orange, and pistachio in a delicious frozen dessert.
These deep-fried cookies are light and crisp with a delicate, lacy look.  You will need a rosette iron to make these.
The pastries, also sometimes called "shower heads" or "sweet fiadoni", contain a sweet and creamy filling made with ricotta, eggs, and lemon zest enclosed by a delicious crust made with olive oil.
This is a luscious cheesecake made with a combination of ricotta and cream cheese flavored with the intense, woody flavor of pistachios on a crunchy biscotti crust.
Enjoy the combined flavors of rich dark chocolate and almonds in this elegant gluten-free dessert.
This recipe has a sweet and creamy ricotta filling with mini chocolate chips added and just a hint of orange.  You can make our Pasta Frolla Crust or to save time use a pre-made pie crust.
Butterhorns have a flaky butter and sour cream pastry that is rolled up with cinnamon sugar and walnuts.  When baked they get deliciously caramelized on the bottom.
Cartocci is a Sicilian pastry that is made by wrapping a ribbon of yeast dough around a metal cannoli tube, which is then fried, coated with sugar and filled with a delicious sweetened ricotta filling.
This carrot cake is dense; filled with walnuts for some crunch, with pineapple that makes it moist and with coconut to add a sweet, delicate flavor.
Tiramisu is an Italian dessert made with mascarpone cheese, delicate ladyfingers, and laced with strong espresso coffee and Marsala wine.
Zeppole di San Giuseppe
A highlight of the meal on St. Joseph's Day are the special sweets that are prepared.
A simple but delicious cake made from fresh squeezed orange juice, orange zest and olive oil.
These cookies highlight the same flavors and colors of the ice cream dessert in a shortbread cookie.
Gingerbread Pizzelle
This is a traditional Italian pizzelle recipe with the warm winter spices of gingerbread added, making them a perfect cookie for the holidays or any time you are craving a spicy, comforting treat to accompany a cup of coffee or hot chocolate.