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Chicken Primavera

(Serves 4)
In Italian, primavera means spring.  The word is usually associated with dishes that are filled with vegetables and are light and fresh, like our Pasta Primavera.  In this recipe, chicken breasts are stuffed with a variety of spring and summer vegetables. You can choose other vegetables that you prefer or even fill the cavities with ham or prosciutto and provolone or spinach, olives and feta; choose your own combinations for a delicious entree. 

4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
1 medium zucchini, halved lengthwise and thinly sliced into half-moons
2 medium tomatoes, thinly sliced and cut into half moons
1 yellow bell pepper, cut into thin strips
1/2 red onion, thinly sliced
Olive oil
Italian seasoning
Salt and pepper
1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese
Chopped parsley, for garnish


Preheat the oven to 400⁰ F.  Line a baking sheet with foil or parchment paper.

Make 6 to 7 slits in each chicken breast, cutting about 2/3 of the way down, being careful to not cut through completely.  Add slices of the zucchini, tomato, bell pepper and onion into each slit. 
Place the stuffed breasts on the prepared baking sheet. Drizzle each one with some olive oil and season with the Italian seasoning, salt and pepper.  Divide the mozzarella evenly over the top of each one. Bake for 25 minutes or until the chicken is cooked through.  Transfer the breasts to a platter or individual plates and garnish with parsley. 
Chicken Piccata
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