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Spinach and Pea Frittata
For a simple frittata, lightly beaten eggs flavored with herbs and/or cheese are poured into a skillet, cooked until set, and then placed under a broiler to brown the top.  Unlike the French omelet, the frittata requires no skillful flipping or folding. 
Ham, Egg, and Asparagus Crespelle
Crespelle (krehs-PEHL-lay), the Italian version of crepes, are very thin pancakes that are made from a batter of flour, eggs, and  milk or water.  Crespelle can be rolled, folded, or stacked with a savory or sweet filling. 

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Chocolate-Filled Cornetti
Cornetti are a pastry/bread similar to a French croissant.  Cornetti may be filled with a dollop of chocolate, jam, lemon curd, or Nutella but some regions use them as a form of roll without a sweet filling in the middle.

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Deep-Dish Ham, Mushroom, and Onion Quiche
Deep-Dish Ham, Mushroom, and Onion Quiche
This deep-dish quiche has a rich and creamy filling with a fluffy, almost custard-like, consistency.  It may be the creamiest textured quiche you ever ate.

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Italian Easter or Spring Brunch
Amaretto Glazed Ham
A brunch can be a lot of fun because you can do almost anything you want with the menu.  You can serve all of your favorite breakfast and lunch dishes at the same time.  It combines wonderful savory foods with sweets, light fruit salads, and tasty brunch cocktails.
A spring brunch menu that features Amaretto-glazed ham, orange smoothies, crostini, asparagus, ravioli with lemon cream sauce, and ricotta cookies.

Spring Brunch Menu  >>
Artichoke Quiche
Pepper and Egg Sandwiches
Seafood Strata
Broccoli Oven Omelet
Herb Baked Eggs
Prosciutto, Spinach, and Egg Cups
Italian Egg Recipes
Pepper and Egg Sandwiches
Cinnamon Polenta Pancakes with Strawberry Sauce
Breakfast Pancakes
Cinnamon Polenta Pancakes
Lemon Ricotta Pancakes with Blueberry Sauce

Buttermilk Pancakes
Whole-Wheat and Oatmeal Pancakes
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Eggs sold in supermarkets in the US are packaged in cartons with the USDA shield on them indicating that they came from a USDA-inspected plant.  Though not required, most egg carons contain a 'sell by date' beyond which they should not be sold.  This date cannot be more than 30 days beyond the pack date.  The USDA does require that egg cartons display the "pack date."  You can find this date embedded in code on the side of the carton.  The first 3 numbers, usually preceded by the letter 'P' indicates the plant number where they were packed.  The last 3 numbers is a 3-digit code that represents the consecutive day of the year, starting with January 1 as 001 and ending with December 31 at 365.
Mini Cream-Filled Panettone
Holiday (Christmas and New Year) Breakfast
Start Christmas Day, New Year's Day, or any special occasion with a delicious breakfast. Or if you are having a brunch with several guests, you can make a few of these dishes for a light breakfast buffet.

Holiday Breakfast Recipes  >>
Mini Cream Filled Panettone  >>
Extra-wide slots make it ideal for bagels, English muffins or slices of artisan bread. A special bagel setting lets you toast the cut side only. Bring frozen waffles or pancakes to a warm, golden finish with the defrost button, which thaws then heats the food.
Short on time? Are you tired of standing over the boiling pot hoping that the eggs don't get overcooked?  Simply choose your preferred eggs and set the timer.
Omelet roll filled with Ham and Mortadella
Meat-Filled Omelet Roll
This omelet roll filled with ham and mortadella is served at room temperature as an antipasto or a lunch or brunch dish.

Omelet Roll Recipe  >>
With just 4 easy steps, this breakfast sandwich maker cooks your custom sandwich in just 5 minutes.
French Toast with Berries
A great make-ahead baked French toast stuffed with berries and mascarpone cheese and topped with raspberry sauce.

French Toast with Berries Recipe  >>
Salmon Quiche
This crustless salmon quiche is made with canned salmon.  It's quick and easy to put together; plus it's low carb and gluten free.

Salmon Quiche Recipe  >>
The best known kind of smoked salmon is cold-smoked.  The technique turns the fish silky and translucent.  Often labeled "Nova" or "Scottish," it's served in thin slices.  Although some call smoked salmon "lox", real lox is salt-cured not smoked.  All smoked salmon is a good source of omega-3s. 

Smoked salmon is a treat with mild, soft cheeses like goat or cream cheese.  It is often paired with capers, pickled onions, or horseradish.
Poach them in advance and transfer to a bowl of cold water; they will keep for about 24 hours in the refrigerator.  To serve, lower them into simmering water and heat through for about
1 minute.
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Ham and Cheese Quiche
A light and fluffy quiche filled with ham and cheese that is perfect for breakfast or brunch.

Ham and Cheese Quiche Recipe  >>
Quinoa Breakfast Bowls
This quinoa breakfast bowl is packed with flavors from the dried cranberries and nuts to the fresh banana and blueberries with the added flavor enhancers of vanilla and cinnamon.

Quinoa Breakfast Bowl Recipe  >>
Lavender Cake
Simply the Best Blueberry Muffins
These muffins are light and tender, filled with juicy berries on the inside with crunchy cinnamon-flavored crumbs on top.

Bluberry Muffins Recipe >>
Healthy Breakfast Muffins
These hearty and healthy muffins are gluten-free and chock full of carrots, apple, zucchini and walnuts.

Healthy Breakfast Muffins Recipe >>
Baked Oatmeal with Berries
This is a warm, slightly sweet oatmeal casserole filled with juicy berries with a protein boost from eggs. 

Baked Oatmeal Recipe  >>
Prosciutto and Parmesan Baked Eggs
An easy but impressive dish for breakfast or brunch that is packed full of the flavors of prosciutto and Parmesan cheese.

Prosciutto Baked Eggs Recipe  >>
The salted, air-dried hams used to make prosciutto crudo dolce (sweet, raw ham) are obtained from the hindquarters of pigs weighing about 350 pounds.  The hams are treated with a salt massage before undergoing about 12 months of drying in well-ventilated storerooms.

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Prosciutto di Parma
Crabmeat Quiche
This delicious and creamy crabmeat quiche is filled with crabmeat, spinach and tomatoes and the wonderful flavor of Gruyere cheese.

Crabmeat Quiche Recipe  >>
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