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Gluten-Free Garbanzo Bean (Chickpea) Pasta
Zucchini Pasta - Gluten-Free Spaghetti
Gluten-Free Sweet Potato Gnocchi

Pasta Recipes

Learn how to make fresh pasta and the best pasta dishes, from traditional Italian
recipes to today's new flavor combinations.
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Now even those with gluten allergies
or sensitivities can enjoy gluten-free
pasta.  Unfortunately, you can’t take
a regular pasta dough recipe and use
gluten-free flour in place of regular
flour. But there some wonderful
alternatives that are equally
Garbanzo Bean (Chickpea) Pasta
Featured:  Garbanzo Bean Pasta Dough
Pasta With Vegetables
Cavatelli with Broccoli and Grilled Italian Sausage
Cavatelli with Broccoli
Creamy Garlic and Spinach Pasta
Creamy Garlic and Spinach Pasta
This is a rich and creamy Ligurian
pasta dish packed with the flavor of
garlic. Recipes from Liguria are simple
and are typically vegetarian rather than
rich in meat. 

Fettuccine with Artichokes, Pancetta, Spinach, and Cream Sauce
Fettuccine with Artichokes, Pancetta, Spinach, and Cream Sauce
Gemelli with Broccolini
Gemelli with Broccolini
Orecchiette with Spinach and Navy Beans
Orecchiette with Spinach and Beans
Pasta alla Norma
Pasta alla Norma
Pasta Primavera
Pasta Primavera
Pasta with Baby Artichokes
Pasta with Baby Artichokes
Pasta with Mushroom Sauce
Pasta with Mushroom Sauce
Pasta Piselli - Pasta with Peas
Pasta Piselli
Pasta with Peas
Penne with Cauliflower
Penne with Cauliflower
Penne with Brussels Sprouts and Pancetta
Penne with Brussels Sprouts and Pancetta
Pizzoccheri - A Traditional Pasta made with Buckwheat Pasta Dough from Lombardy
Pumpkin Fettuccine Alfredo
Pumpkin Fettuccine Alfredo
Spaghetti with Tomatoes and Anchovy Butter
Spaghetti with Tomatoes and Anchovy Butter
Trenette al Pesto
Trenette al Pesto
Cavatelli with broccoli is
a simple Italian pasta
dish that is sure to
become a family

Recipe  >>
This is a delicious pasta dish
with less than 15 minutes
cooking time.

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Gemelli is a twisted pasta that
pairs beautifully with broccolini
in this easy dish.

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An easy weeknight dinner that is light but very satisfying.

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A classic pasta dish from
Sicily.  made with penne,
eggplant, onions, garlic,
tomatoes, basil, and ricotta

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We are providing you with 10
different recipes for Pasta
Primavera ... choose your

Recipe  >>
Use any combination of
fresh mushrooms that you
prefer to make this
delicious mushroom

Recipe  >> 
Many Italian-Americans will
remember having this dish as a
child as it is considered a
comfort food.

Recipe  >>
Baby artichokes are easy to
prepare and make this a
very flavorful dish.

Recipe  >>
Canned tomatoes and fresh
cauliflower combine to make
this a very hearty Sicilian

Recipe  >>
Mixing vegetables with
pancetta is a classic Italian

Recipe  >>
Pizzoccheri is a type of tagliatelle
made with buckwheat flour; it is a
favorite pasta of northern

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A rich and creamy Alfredo
sauce with a subtle flavor of
pumpkin make this a
delightful dish for an easy
autumn dinner.

Recipe  >>
Made with fresh tomatoes and
basil; you can have this dish
on the table in less than 30

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Trenette al Pesto combines
one of Liguria's favorite
ingredients, basil, with their
local ribbon pasta, trenette.

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Pasta with Meat
Cavatelli with Ham and Eggs
Cavatelli with Ham
and Eggs
A rich and creamy pasta
with crisp ham and an egg
and Fontina cheese sauce.

Recipe  >>
Pasta Chitarra with Lamb in Saffron Sauce
Pasta with Lamb
in Saffron Sauce
A hearty pasta dish with
cubes of lamb and
vegetables from Abruzzo.

Recipe  >>
Ragu Bolognese
Ragu Bolognese
Ragu Bolognese is a
specialty ragu from the
Emilia-Romagna region of

Recipe  >>
Rigatoni alla Calabrese
Rigatoni alla Calabrese
A wonderful dish from
Calabria that combines
rigatoni with a sausage and
tomato sauce.

Recipe  >>
Spaghetti Pie
Spaghetti Pie
Spaghetti pie is made in a
skillet with cooked spaghetti,
eggs, salami, prosciutto, and

Recipe  >>
Abruzzese Chocolate Ragu
Abruzzese Chocolate Ragu
A ragu of ground pork with a
small amount of cinnamon
and chocolate that adds a
subtle richness to the sauce.

Recipe  >>
Hay and Straw Fettuccine
Hay and Straw Fettuccine
Straw and hay refers to
the combination of egg
pasta and spinach pasta
that are used.

Recipe  >>
Strozzapretti Pasta with Beef Ragu
Strozzapretti with Beef Ragu
This sauce may also be
served with penne, rigatoni,
cavatelli, or any similar size

Recipe  >>
Tagliatelle al Prosciutto
Tagliatelle al Prosciutto
Tagliatelle are long, flat
ribbons, similar in shape to
fettuccine, but typically about
one-quarter inch wide.

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Tomato, Basil, and Fresh Mozzarella Pasta

... the only cooking
involved is in boiling
the pasta
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A robust southern
Italian tomatosauce
usually made with
onions, garlic, red
pepper, capers, olives,
and anchovies. The
reference to prostitutes
supposedly suggests
this was a sauce
quickly made by such
women between
clients. It is most often
associated with
Naples and Calabria,
although versions are
throughout Italy.

A Roman pasta
sauce usually
prepared with cream,
guanciale or
pancetta, pecorino or
parmigiano, into
which a raw egg is
added and cooked by
the heat of the pasta
itself. The name
literally means
"charcoal style" and
some people claim
that the dish was
created by the coal
miners of the
mountains between
Abruzzo and Lazio.

In the style of Capri,
this sauce is usually
made from lightly
cooked fresh
tomatoes, basil,
olive oil, and
mozzarella.  It can
be used on pasta,
meat, fish, or
salads.  Insalata
alla caprese is a
salad of tomatoes,
basil, and
mozzarella dressed
with oil and vinegar.

In the style of Bologna,
this sauce usually
refers to a hearty, long
simmered vegetable
and meat sauce called
a ragu. A traditional
Bolognese sauce
contains ground pork,
beef, pancetta, garlic,
tomatoes, vegetables,
and often chicken

Although this sauce
literally means
"mariner's style" it is
not a seafood sauce.
The name is explained
by the story that
fisherman's wives
would make a fast,
fresh sauce upon the
arrival of their
husbands from the
sea.  The ingredients
may vary but usually
include garlic, olive oil,
crushed tomatoes and
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Penne with Butternut Squash and Sausgae
Pasta with Butternut Squash and Sausage
Combines the flavors of butternut squash, Italian sausage, and sage for a simple and delicious dinner.

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