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Artisan Pasta
We define artisan pasta as fresh homemade pasta that requires some degree of skill in pasta making and, in some cases,
special equipment may be required to obtain the best results.
Place completed cavatelli on floured baking sheets before cooking
Homemade Garganelli
Pasta Dough with Parsley Embedded
Pasta Roses - Rosette di Pasta
Casoncelli: A traditional pasta from Lombardy
Trofie with Pesto Sauce
Tortellini in Brodo:  A traditional Italian Soup from Bologna
Cavatelli dough is rolled out into long ropes
that are cut into bite-sized pieces that are
then flattened by the thumb and rolled to
form the curved, hotdog bun-shaped pasta.

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Casoncelli are made with fresh pasta
dough that envelopes a slightly sweet
meat filling and are typically served with
melted butter flavored with pancetta and
sage leaves.

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Corzetti or Croxetti
Croxetti  (also called corzetti) are small,
thin coin-shaped disks of embossed
pasta that are about 2 inches in

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Garganelli are a hand-rolled tubular pasta
that are formed by rolling a small square of
dough on a small ridged wooden board
with a miniature rolling pin.

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How to Make Striped Pasta
Striped pasta looks very attractive.  The
red and green pasta is especially nice for
Christmas but you can choose any color
combination that you like.

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How to Make Pasta with Herbs Embedded
Adding fresh herbs to pasta dough is a
wonderful way to add flavor and it also
creates a beautiful-looking pasta.

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Maccheroni alla Chitarra
A chitarra has a wood frame with fine
metal strings stretched over it.  Pasta
dough is rolled over it and the strings cut
the pasta into maccheroni all chitarra. 

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Pasta Roses
Pasta Roses is a unique pasta dish from
the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy.  Strips
of pasta are wrapped around prosciutto
and asiago cheese and baked.

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Trofie is a pasta from the region of Liguria.
Small pieces of dough are twisted between
the palms of your hands to look like
spirals with pointed ends.

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Step-by-step instructions for making tortellini for Tortellini in Brodo.

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Chefs everywhere have relied on this trick for
years.  Mise en place (meez-ahn-plahs)
means "putting in place."  Prepping recipe
ingredients before you start cooking or baking
keeps you organized and moving quickly. Plus,
you won't find that you don't have an ingredient
in the middle of cooking or burning your dish
while you step away to chop something.
Tortellini in Brodo