Italian Desserts

Now Over 300 Recipes for Italian Desserts
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This is our collection of Italian dessert recipes for everyday, holidays, seasons of the year, and special occasions. 
It contains traditional and non-traditional (cucina nuova) Italian desserts for simple family gatherings or for entertaining.
Italian Apple Crumb Cheesecake
Orange Ricotta Tart with a Chocolate Cinnamon Crust
Italian Apple Crumb Cheesecake
Orange Ricotta Tart with a Chocolate Cinnamon Crust
In this recipe the apples are
folded into the cheesecake
mixture, poured over a graham
cracker crust, and topped with a
crunchy crumb topping.

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This tart has a ricotta cheese
filling that is light in texture
with a subtle citrus orange
flavor on top of a crunchy
chocolate and cinnamon
pastry crust.

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Sfogliatelle means many leaves
or layers and this crisp pastry's
texture resembles leaves
stacked on each other.

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White Chocolate and Raspberry Semifreddo
Italian Knot Cookies
Italian Love Knot Cookies
Knot Cookies are traditional
Italian cookies that are usually
made for special occasions,
especially weddings.

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Tiramisu is an Italian dessert
made with mascarpone cheese,
delicate ladyfingers, and laced
with strong espresso coffee and
Marsala wine.

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Sicilian Cassata
Sicilian Cassata
Cannoli Cake
Sicilian cassata is a traditional
dessert made with a ricotta
cheese mixture as is used in
cannoli, candied citrus peel, and
homemade sponge cake (pan
di spagna).

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Cinnamon Zeppole
Zeppole are a fried Italian
pastry that are served warm
and dusted with confectioners'
sugar or cinnamon-sugar.

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Amaretto Cupcakes
Amaretto Cupcakes
Here are two recipes for
cupcakes with the wonderful
flavor of Amaretto liqueur; one
is gluten-free.

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Pizza di Crema
Pizza di Crema
Pizza di Crema is a
Neapolitan custard pie
flavored with orange zest,
cinnamon, and vanilla and
enhanced with cherries.

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Italian Rum Cake
Italian Rum Cake
Italian rum cake is a traditional
Italian dessert often purchased
at an Italian bakery and
served on birthdays or other
special occasions.

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Candied Orange Peel
Candied Orange Peel
Candied orange peel is the
skin or peel of an orange that
has been "preserved' in a
sugar syrup.

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Granita Recipes
These ices are a mixture of
water, sugar and a flavoring.
They are grainy in texture and
are frozen in a pan in the

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Italian Desserts
Italian Desserts
Fig Crunch Galette
Fig Crunch Galette
Figs are harvested twice in a year.  In the
US, the first harvest is in early July and
second, larger harvest, begins in late
summer and can run as long as late
October.  If fresh figs are not currently
available, you can make this recipe with
apples, pears, peaches,or apricots.

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