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Italian Cookie Recipes

Italian Cookie Recipes
Sweet Taralli
Sweet taralli are very simple cookies with a lemon glaze and
topped with colored candy sprinkles.
Lingue di Gato - Cat's Tongue Cookies
Ladyfingers - Savoiardi
Savoiardi, commonly known as "Lady Fingers" are delicate, light cookies from Italy that have been enjoyed by Italians for generations.

Ladyfingers Recipe  >>
Lingue di Gato
Chocolate and Black Pepper Cookies - Mostaciolli
Orange Pistachio Chocolate Chip Cookies
Orange Pistachio
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Pignoli or Pine Nut Cookies
Pignoli Cookies
Ribbon Twist Cookies
Ricciarelli - Tuscan Almond Cookies
Sicilian Wine Cookies
Venetian Layered Cookies
Zaletti - Cornmeal Cookies
Quaresimali Toscana
Quaresimali - Italian Cookies for Lent
Quaresimali are a specialty of the Lenten season because they are supposed to be so hard they are a penance to eat.  Somewhere along the way though, they became a lot more flavorful.

Quaresimali  Recipes  >>
Ribbon twists feature a layer of fruit preserves sandwiched between two layers of flaky pastry dough that is cut into strips and twisted.

Ribbon Twists Recipe  >>
Ribbon Twists
Ricciarelli are almond meringue cookies from Tuscany that are delicately flavored with orange. Their texture is very similar to a soft amaretti cookie.

Ricciarelli Recipe  >>
Ricciarelli di Siena
Sicilian Wine Cookies
Venetian Layered Cookies
Zaletti - Cornmeal Cookies
Lingue di gato are so named because their shape resembles a cat’s tongue. They have a wonderful buttery flavor and can be served plain or frosted with a glaze of bittersweet chocolate.

Lingue di Gato Recipe  >>
There are numerous varitities of Italian cookies that are called mostaciolli.  The two things that they all seem to have in common is that they all contain a number of spices and they all originate in the regions of southern Italy.

Mostaciolli Recipe  >>
A different chocolate chip cookie recipe with the added
flavors of orange and pistachio.  A true gourmet chocolate
chip cookie.

Orange Pistachio Cookie Recipe  >>
Pignoli or pine nut cookies are the crown jewel of traditional Italian cookies. They  have an incredibly dense texture and a  strong almond flavor because they are made with almond paste and very little flour.

Pignoli Cookie Recipe  >>
Sicilian wine cookies are not too sweet in flavor and have a slightly crunchy texture. Wine cookies are nice served after dinner with a dessert wine or with a cup of coffee or espresso as a snack.

Wine Cookie Recipe  >>
These festively colored cookies are made with 3 layers of cake with  a rich almond flavor, separated by sweet apricot jam, and topped with chocolate icing.

Venetian Layered Cookies Recipe  >>
Zaletti are cornmeal cookies from the Veneto region which is in northeastern Italy.  Zaletti are similar to shortbread cookies made with a portion of cornmeal.  They are usually shaped like diamonds.

Zaletti Recipe  >>
Italian Cookie Recipes
A pizzelle is a traditional Italian waffle cookie that is made by placing batter into  a pizzelle maker, which resembles a waffle iron. 

Pizzelle Recipes  >>
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A lot of Italian desserts use candied orange peel as an ingredient. It also makes a nice treat dipped in chocolate. Now you can make it yourself at home.
Candied Orange Peel
Be ready for every school or church bake sale or office birthday by making your cookie dough ahead of time and freezing it. Ice box cookies can be rolled into a log and wrapped and drop cookies can be scooped onto baking sheets, frozen, and then stored in plastic freezer bags. When needed, thaw the dough and bake as usual.
Norpro 3 Piece Cookie Scoop Set
This stainless steel set of 3 scoops from Norpro
is perfect for cookies, meatballs, ice cream, and
more. Each scoop has a spring-loaded handle
that slides a band across the bottom of the
scoop to release food in a round shape. Scoop
capacities are 1 tablespoon, 1-1/2 tablespoons,
and 3 tablespoons.
Cookies come in a
variety of shapes,
depending on the type
of dough and the
method used.

DROP cookies are
made from a soft
dough and dropped
from a spoon or scoop
onto cookie sheets.  It
is important to keep
them all the same size
so that they bake

MOLDED cookies are
made from dough that
is chilled first.  The
dough is then shaped
by hand into balls,
sticks, or other
shapes  before

PRESSED cookies
are made by forcing
dough through a
cookie press to form a
variety of shapes. 
They are usually
made with a very rich

cookies are made
from a very stiff dough
which is shaped into
long rolls or logs and
then cut into slices.
They have a high
butter content.  The
dough can be stored
in the refrigerator or
frozen, then sliced
and baked later.

BAR cookies are
amde from dough that
is poured or pressed
into a pan.  They are
cut into squares or
bars when they have
cooled, unless
otherwise directed in
the recipe.

ROLLED cookies are
made from a stiff
dough that is rolled
out with a rolling pin.
The dough is cut into
shapes by using a
knife, pastry wheel or
cookies cutter and
then baked. Filled
cookies are made
with rolled cookie